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Where has springify gone?

As the few people who subscribed to my old blog will have noticed, there hasn’t been a new post for ages. As you might also know, I have chosen the brand springify because at the time I first started blogging, almost all of my day to day work dealt with the Spring Framework. This has changed a lot over the last two years.

Since there has been a lot of discussion about Spring recently, I’d like to make something clear. I still tremendously enjoy working with the Spring Framework and don’t see any viable alternative for the kind of projects we are doing.

But… I simply don’t feel as strong about technology as I once did. Nowadays, I tend to think that we can gain a lot more from thinking about the way we build software than from thinking about the frameworks we use for doing so. Accordingly, I feel that I can be a lot more useful as coach than as software architect. This is why I slowly but steadily shifted the subject of my work from technology to teams, thus becoming more of an internal coach and change agent.

I’m glad that my company recognizes the value of this kind of work and provides me with the opportunity to grow into that role.

With this development, blogging and tweeting as springify doesn’t really feel right anymore. There’s hardly anything I could write about Spring these days. But there are a lot of observations I make when coaching teams. These I like to share with you at my new virtual home at